The Bishop of the Diocese in Europe visits La Côte for the Divonne 10th AnniversaryBishop Robert

Both congregations of La Côte Anglican Church were delighted when Bishop Robert accepted our invitation to join us for the tenth Anniversary of our congregation in Divonne, France on Sunday 13 September 2015.

The previous Saturday evening, Bishop Robert, who was appointed in 2014, dined with the Church Council and presented his thoughts on the situation in the Diocese in Europe and the strategy for the future entitled Walking Together in Faith.  He made an interesting comparison between the chaplaincies in this Diocese and those in the UK.  He spends roughly one third of his time in London, one third in Brussels where he is based, and another third travelling and visiting the far-flung chaplaincies in our Diocese, stretching eastwards as far as Mongolia.  Following the Bishop’s discussion, members of the Council offered an overview of our history of growth, starting from a lay-led home group to an independent, self-sustaining chaplaincy.  We discussed our challenges and priorities as we strive to be a worshipping, caring, learning and outward looking community.  The Bishop remarked on the surprisingly large number of outside-church activities in this rural area.  Churches based in big cities often have trouble attracting people to activities during the week.

Divonne congregationAfter a rainy evening and early morning, the sun came out on Sunday over the chapel that we share with the United Protestant Church of France in Divonne.  The church was filled to capacity, packed with more than 80 members of our congregation to celebrate the anniversary.  Bishop Robert led the service, assisted by Revd. Julia Chambeyron, Revd. Carolyn Cooke, and Revd. Paul Holley, our chaplain ten years ago, and the first to be appointed to the Church when it became an independent chaplaincy within the Diocese.  The Bishop’s message focused on the parable of the Pearl of Great Price.  He also underlined how the refugee crisis facing Europe would be a defining issue for both the Church and the rest of society.  The communion service was followed by a lunch reception prepared by members of the congregation, allowing time to chat with the Bishop.  During the afternoon, Bishop Robert and Revd. Holley went to relax for a short time in the Jura hills.  From there they could look down on the region where our two congregations live along the shores of Lake Geneva.

GinginsIn the afternoon, Bishop Robert conducted the Communion service in the Swiss village of Gingins.  Revd. Carolyn Cooke, Chaplain of La Côte, and Revd. Holley assisted in the Communion service, with music and singing led by Harold Corrigan and the Gingins Church Song Group.  Despite the large congregation at Divonne in the morning, more than 100 people attended the service in the afternoon.  Afterwards, there was an informal party with refreshments in the parish room, where members of the congregation were keen to meet our new Bishop.

Dwight Moe & Elizabeth Bramley



2015 Autumn Fair


La Côte held its annual Autumn Fair at the Salle des Spectacles in Founex, Vaud on 26 September.  It was a great success with many people attending. We saw quite a lot of new faces as well as many members of our two congregations, from little ones to our oldest member, Winifred, who is well into her nineties.



There was music and dancing to entertain everyone with more than 20 stalls plus a restaurant and an Indonesian food stand.  Over SFR 11'220 was raised after selling a few items from the gardening stall on Sunday afternoon. This will go towards funding the Church and its charitable activities.