Ted’s house on the first Sunday evening of every month provides a convivial setting for a chat over a glass of wine, the striking up of new acquaintances and of course  – great live music!  These convivial evenings continue into their 8th year and are still held on the first Sunday of the month chez Ted Talbot. They survived the ‘downsizing’ from Nyon to Trelex although it is a bit ‘cosier’ in his new abode.  The principal is also still the same - whether you want to Listen in the Living Room, Talk on the Terrace, Discuss in the Dining Room, Kiss and make-up in the Kitchen, the evenings are not just to provide great live music, but to create an opportunity to meet old and new friends, invite neighbours, discuss burning issues or merely relax in pleasant company.  Mission accomplished in 2015/16, as each month there was at least one newcomer in our midst.  The year has also had the same wide spectrum of music with familiar favourite performers as well as some new faces.  These wonderful, talented people come and perform completely free of charge and this last year, the music has varied from Irish folk, to classical opera, from jazz to join in and sing from music hall favourites to Christmas carols.

Drop-Ins are from 7.0 pm to 10.0 pm at 9b Route de Duillier, 1270 Trelex, with drinks and cold buffet provided, (cover charge: SFr.8.00).

SO...Come yourself and bring a friend or two!  Contact the Chaplain for information and see the Weekly Bulletin for the next event to be announced