Ted Talbot first started SAS (Special Activity Scene) in 2001 to provide fun activities for 10 to 14 year-olds and a meeting and discussion forum for English speaking young people in the La Côte area. SAS now exists in two locations, sharing time between Divonne and Trélex. Some participants are La Côte community youngsters, others not. Rather than an in-depth foray into Scripture, sessions have entailed a consideration of the ethos of friendship, in less stuffy language: how does Jesus invite us to friendship with him, and how might we fully understand friendship with each other. The young people have engaged with the local EMS singing Christmas carols, had fun skating in Coppet among other activities.  We would like to welcome others, particularly peers and friends and those from outside the church. SAS is proving a popular way of drawing our yougsters in this age group together on alternate Friday evenings, to wind down, have fun, build friendships, and make connections between their lives and the Christian faith. The aim is to help them discuss, challenge and find answers to some of the major issues facing them – as seen from a Christian perspective.  Our group now boasts its own Website and Facebook page, thanks to the efforts of our new and eager Webmaster, Johan Crocoll!  We look forward to moves and merriment, to growth and grace, and to our retreat as well as the summer SAS camp. Thanks to our Youth Worker and the team of committed parents for heading up this group.

The format for most evenings will be :
Games and other activities followed by
Discussions/Videos/General Chill Out sessions
Refreshments and pizza made by the chef
SAS will meet twice a month on Friday evenings from 19.00 to 20.45 plus some special weekend events
Divonne, France / Trélex, Switzerland – (check the programme on
How Much
CHF5 for each session
SAS is organised and run by members of the La Côte Anglican Church
All are welcome if you are aged between 10 and 14 yrs.
For details, contact Johan  email .