Involvement with Asylum Seekers
We have continued to deepen our involvement with our neighbours in the asylum community. Members of the Social Action team make a weekly collection of clothes and other needed items that are delivered to the two Day Centres closest to us.  We also set up and ran a local Garden project.  Through the generosity of parishioners, we have provided a variety of much needed items for individuals and families being moved into private housing. Members of our church have also offered accommodation/rooms to rent to individual refugees who have been granted permission to stay but who struggle to find accommodation of their own.  In addition, we offer language lessons and conversation, mainly English and weekly Art Therapy sessions at the Gland Day Centre.  When possible, we include asylum seekers whom we get to know in church and family activities, offer transportation and assist with legal procedures.  Through a coordinator, refugees are linked up with members of our community (church and other) to assist with gardening, decorating, moving house etc. in order to earn money. Our Chaplain works with a representative of the Westlake Church in Nyon, in a weekly “open house” for refugees and with the Pastor of the local Swiss church in Gland, ministering to the asylum seekers in general and to individuals with specific needs. This has included a sponsored bike ride in support of a gardening project, offering pick-up for church services and events, providing practical support in their search for jobs and accommodation, as well as friendship, hospitality and a listening ear when problems threaten to overwhelm their well-being.

Awareness raising
We also look for ways to encourage the learning of the whole of our church community through services with a specific theme. In the future we would like to encourage members of our church with particular expertise in areas of development, ecology, science and social entrepreneurship to help us explore some of these issues that underpin the problems of inequality and poverty.  Awareness raising comes through getting to know people and projects struggling with these problems.
In addition to  these local projects, our Church looks to the wider world and has makes many donations to charities.