Sunday Club



3 6 group
This group of little ones uses creative resources with lots of variety, mainly taken from the “Minizone” series from the Children's Ministry. The courses are based on up to 12 sessions, each one linking back to work done the previous week. The Godly Play materials are used to vary from time to time, and are great for this new group of small toddlers, especially the 'I wonder why' section that always lead to some fascinating reflections!  
7 10 group
The coordination and resources for this group is assisted by some able parent helpers each week. We sometimes combine with the 3-6 group, when numbers in both groups are low. The main resource used with this group is the "Roots" material which follows the lectionary readings and enables the children’s groups to look at the same Biblical themes as the main church service. The range of ages and ability can make leading the group a challenge, but the material offers scope to tailor the lesson to suit the class.  There has been very positive feedback from parents saying how much their children love coming to Sunday club and go rushing in with enthusiasm!

Nurturing our children’s faith is a really important part of our community life at La Côte.  Our current leaders are looking for others to join in the fun.  If you like working with children, the Chaplain email  would be pleased to hear from you.  

11 13 group
In an effort to further engage the young people in the Sunday afternoon sessions, we have abandoned traditional teaching materials and are using the "Ideas Factory" manual.  This offers adaptable discussion starters to get teens talking and provides the young people with the opportunity to open up, to dig deeper and to take it to the Word by exploring its relevance to Christianity. Young people in this age group are also prepared for communion.


5 9 group
Four children regularly attend this group and we continue to use the programme set out by “Roots” which follows the lectionary used in worship.  One of the highlights of the year is all the children participating in an end of summer term party with games followed by a picnic under the trees in the church garden.  Great fun!  In 2016 we look forward to the children preparing for communion following the preparatory course “Welcome to the Lord’s Table”.

10+  group
This is a lively group and we are continuing to use the programme set out by "Roots" which follows the lectionary used in worship, together with projects and activities based on the church year’s special events.  One of the highlights is the annual Nativity Play, which has both the younger members of the Church youth groups and the 10+ group and Chatfaith participating.  It is great fun and we are grateful to the team who help produce the play.  The Sunday Club, with the younger Church youth group, also participates actively in raising money for our charitable projects.