Austin Ball

A physicist in an international research institute, a busy schedule limits his free time, but he likes to be outdoors, cross- country skiing, sailing and travel. Youthful interest in archery, likes books on naval history 



Liz Bramley

Having lived for many years in Switzerland, Liz is happily retired, although her many duties as churchwarden keep her busy. She likes to spend time with her family, walk the dog and provides the La Côte Church archives with a photographic record of events. Many of the Website and Newsletter photos are hers!


Dwight Moe
Lay Vice-Chairman and Churchwarden

Works for an audio-visual production company.  Interested in sci-fi, technology, sports, ancient history and chasing small children! 





Susan Passmore
Council Secretary



Ed Kelley
Council Member

Works for an international organization in Geneva, likes to run half-marathons, play guitar, do gardening and has culinary interests. 




Charlie Wetham

Charlie Whetham
Council Member

Arrived in Geneva with his wife and children in 2012 to join an international agency working to promote access in the developing world to vaccines and immunisation, after having spent the two previous years working for the UK Aid agency in Rwanda.  As a representative of the group of younger parents and as a relative newcomer, Charlie hopes to add a new perspective to the work of the Council.



Geoff Senogles
Council Member

Our only Welsh-speaking member, Geofff works in the financial field, plays football and touch rugby, was until recently a scoutmaster, and enjoys family life.



Lexa NicholsonLexa_Nicholson
Council Member

Moved to Switzerland from London in 2011, relocating with her husband for his work.  Until then, Lexa had been working in the UK as a lawyer in private practice. When she is not juggling her three lively little ones, she enjoys sewing and making things for the children, and is also interested in ballet and dance. 


Trevor Davies
Archdeaconry Synod Representative

A member of an Anglican church in Liverpool during his youth, Trevor became a Christian in his teens.  He moved to Geneva in 1972 after having studied and taught Social Policy.  He spent a total of 21 years engaged in Christian work for international organizations in Geneva.  Trevor and his wife have had many opportunities to apply their faith in a variety of settings and look forward to what God has in store for them in the future.

David Bramley
Archdeaconry Synod Representative

David left the UK to live in Germany in January 1978 and moved to Switzerland in 1988. He worked for several national, international and intergovernmental organizations before retiring in 2008. Still interested in international affairs, though he despairs of politicians, and continues to write and edit documents for agencies in Geneva.


Jean Mayer
Coucil Member

Jean came to Geneva in 1969 to join her future husband Manfred, an engineer at CERN, after several years in Germany and Baden AG as a linguist/PA.  Her three sons have blessed her with six young grandchildren to keep her busy, but she still takes time to pursue her passions:  travel (especially to Japan!), Ikebana, cooking ... and serving La Côte church.



Diantha Terry   
Council Member

Diantha moved to Switzerland in 2009 following her husband's job at a UN Organization.  She spent the last years bringing up their two children and helping them all to adjust to life in this country.  She enjoys many types of craft-making and recently started her own business using these skills. She has also developed an amateur interest in alpine wild flowers. She enjoys life outdoors, skiing and hiking and is often to be found in the Jura mountains or around St-Cergue walking her two much loved dogs.