Youth Groups

Our youth ministries include the SAS programme, (Special Activities Scene) for 10 to 14 year olds, Sherbert for 14-19 year olds, as well as the Sherbert Sunday editions for older teens at Gingins, and Chatfaith: a similar discipleship programme for older teens in our Divonne based congregation. Our Youth Worker, Calen Gayle, is closely involved in these groups, working alongside members of the congregation. Contact Calen email  for more information.



The group meets for discussion during the morning service at Divonne, and comprises youngsters from schools across the Divonne/Swiss/Pays de Gex area. The Chatfaith group spent the first weeks of term getting to know one another, and the new Youth Leader, and have tackled with tenacity the problems of prayer and the miracles of Jesus.



This older youth group convenes on alternate Fridays, often in the Gingins parish room, and typically consists of an hour of laughter, games, food, and merriment.  The energy is a blend of mirth and sincere meditation on the deeper matters of faith and its interaction with daily life.  Sherberters have tackled topics such as true love, prayer, humility and questions regarding the feasts and fasts of the year, including All Saints, Christmas and the Lenten season. We get to the crux of the reason we show up every fortnight: to be together and to develop a better understanding of God's purpose for our lives and how we might love and serve others.